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Kukio Real Estate

Specializing with oceanfront club, Kukio Real Estate provides beautiful golf properties including Hales, Cottages, Villages and single family Estate Homes. Kukio is the only private equity Golf & Beach Club with beautiful Kukio Real Estate Luxury Resorts associated amenities along with the 10-hole golf course. Kukio is located 10 minutes drive way from the Hualalai Resort and Keahole-Kona International Airport. For more information and Kukio Real Estate solution, don’t forget to give us a call today!


18 single-family cottage style condominiums on 18.27 acres.

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3 single-family cottage style condominiums on 1.18 acres.

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The original phase surrounding the Golf and Beach Club.

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The second phase, located south of Kukio Proper.

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The latest phase of Kukio, located 3.5 miles north of Kukio past the Hualalai Resort.

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