James C. Niderost
REALTOR® Salesperson (RS-73973)
(808) 494-0017

Born and raised in the Boy Scouts in San Diego, California with the diversity of its beaches, mountains, deserts, and a mix of international cultures gave Jim a wanderlust and a desire to travel early in life. Fascinated by all that he saw, he moved to the scorching arid desert of Phoenix, Arizona, then to the refreshing cool Ponderosa Pine forest of Flagstaff, Arizona where he enjoyed the quiet relaxed lifestyle of living in a quaint college mountain town. Flagstaff is where Jim started practicing real estate in 1996.  He has sold some of the highest demand and most beautiful vacation destinations which include: Flagstaff, AZ; Steamboat Springs, CO; throughout Florida’s East Coast; Las Vegas, NV; Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, and the beaches of San Diego, CA; and the islands of Hawai’i.

Jim always knew he would own a beach house and a mountain cabin.  The first time he vacationed in Hawai’i, he knew he was home. The draw of the ocean, the call of the mountains, the aloha culture aligned with everything that is in Jim’s heart. He and his wife moved to Hawai’i Island in 2011.

Feeling a need to share the blessings he had the pleasure of enjoying, Jim added the hat of travel writer and photographer to his skill set in 2011. Jim believes “A life worth living is a life worth journaling” and this is why he is here.

With a unique insight into the travel industry and a positive attitude of “whatever it takes” to accomplish his clients’ goals, he is a welcome addition to our team.